Opportunities to Get Involved


As host of the I2SL Annual Conference and workshops, I2SL is continually increasing its presence as an organization dedicated to sustainable, high-performance facilities.

The growth of I2SL is dependent on the number of resources the organization can obtain from other like-minded groups. As such, I2SL is pursuing funding and partnerships in order to obtain a foundation from which to promote the organization's mission. Learn more about what I2SL is doing to ensure the success of the organization and its mission.

Additionally, I2SL offers a number of opportunities for other organizations to become involved in the work that I2SL is doing throughout the laboratory community. Your organization can get involved in a number of ways:

If you would like to get involved with I2SL through any of the opportunities mentioned above, or if you have other ideas for partnering with I2SL, please contact us.