I2SL's Partner Organizations

buildingSMART alliance
National Institute of Building Sciences

buildingSMART alliance

I2SL has partnered with the buildingSMART alliance™, a nonprofit organization that operates within the Congressionally authorized National Institute of Building Sciences to help promote collaboration, technology, integrated practices, and open standards to improve all aspects of the facility and infrastructure lifecycle. I2SL and the buildingSMART alliance will work together to further open Building Information Modeling (BIM) standards by defining Model View Definitions and Information Delivery Manuals in accordance with the United States National BIM Standard (NBIMS). The products of these efforts are expected to provide guidance to software vendors desiring to implement open standards for BIM and will allow the professionals involved in the development and operation of a facility to share basic information about the facility so that information can be collected only once and used for multiple activities throughout the facility lifecycle.

International Facility Management Association (IFMA)


Formed in 1980, IFMA certifies facility managers, conducts research, provides educational programs, recognizes facility management certificate programs, and produces World Workplace, the world's largest facility management conference and exposition. IFMA is the world's largest and most widely recognized international association for professional facility managers, supporting more than 19,500 members in 78 countries.

I2SL and IFMA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate as partners in promoting facility management education, credentials, and research for sustainable laboratories and related high-technology facilities.

My Green Lab

My Green Lab

My Green Lab promotes safe, sustainable practices and equipment in laboratories. My Green Lab care about the environment. My Green Lab is a group of former scientists and engineers who seek to bring green technology and practices to institutions, companies, and scientific laboratories in order to achieve a safe, healthy, and environmentally and economically sustainable workspace.

U.S. Department of Energy, Building Technology Office (BTO)


U.S. Department of Energy logo

As one initiative to reduce commercial buildings' energy use 20 percent by 2020, BTO recently established the Laboratories Technology Solutions Team in the Better Buildings Alliance (BBA) to disseminate best practices, identify challenges, and produce resources to enable better energy management across the laboratory sector. Given the compatibility of its goals, BTO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with I2SL to coordinate their activities to provide information and training to facility managers so that they implement better energy management practices and energy-efficient technologies in their laboratories. These activities will include conferences, workshops, and training opportunities, among others. BTO and I2SL's intent is also to make all information, tools, and training developed through their collaborative efforts publicly available.


U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)



Working toward energy change and to enable Federal agencies to meet energy-related goals, FEMP has participated in Labs21 since 2000. In 2013, FEMP signed a Memorum of Understanding with I2SL to provide information and training to energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable measures within laboratories and data centers. By increasing sustainability in Federal laboratories and data centers, FEMP will contribute to the U.S. Federal government's goal to reduce energy intensity by 30 percent in 2015. I2SL will work with FEMP to support clean energy and energy efficiency projects, as well as to assist laboratories and data centers in implementing best energy management practices. Additionally, I2SL and FEMP will make the information, tools, and training developed through their collaboration available to the public.